International motorbike competition 3.7.2011

The experts from Technical university of Ostrava (authors of race car FireLine) was try the role of racers on the weekend 3.7.2011. For the beholders they show exhibition on International motorbike competition in Ostrava, on racing circuit of Frantisek Bartos in Ostrava-Radvanice. The sport car, built on Institute of Progressive Technologies for Automotive Industry, FMMI, VŠB-TU Ostrava, start for exhibition race at 9 a.m. The car was driven by Ing.Lukáš Buřval (member of StudentCar development team, the Science and research employee of Institute of Progressive Technologies for Automotive Industry)
The international motorbike competition was held in occasion of celebration of international Ostrava competitions, and it is unique motorsport competition in Ostrava. The secondary programme contains presentation of sport cars, which was icons of motorsport history in Czech republic. The FireLine sport car represents different way of modern motorsport, with the development and research. On the race circuit of Frantisek Bartos, the beholders can see unique show of FireLine prototyp in movement and strengh.

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